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5 Gallon Water Project - 20 Liters

GIECL as a pioneer in the field of water treatment equipment is driven by 3 major principles - Enterprising, Innovation and Perfection. Our 5 Gallon Water Project - 20 Litres is another one of our successful endeavours that has provided best mineral water to various regions around the world.

The 5-gallon water production line is a fully automatic project with no human intervention of any kind. Specifically designed water bottling plant equipment is set at every stage of the production line enabling us to produce 1000 jars of 20 liters per hour. The process begins with automatic cap removal and moves on to a series of brushing and washing of the containers inside and out. Prepped up bottles are then installed, filled with best mineral water Plant, and sealed with lids. Bottled mineral water contains then roll out of the plant ready for consumption.

GIECL has collaborated with international manufacturers to source top class components and raw material. Thus, our clients are delivered the best in the business turnkey water bottling plant equipment.

5 Gallon Bottled Water Production Line

Because everyone drinks water, there is a massive responsibility on the manufacturers to assure the quality of water. This quality can be kept consistent by using state of an art bottled water production line such as those provided by GIECL. There are many stages that the raw water must go through before being shipped for human consumption. Our bottled water production line goes through a rigorous quality parameter to provide safe water. The bottled water production line includes a water treatment system, blowing bottle system, bottled water filling system, bottle labeling and packing system. The whole water production line is suitable for glass bottles or PET bottle filling according to client's requirement.

5 Gallon Bottled Water Production Line

Today, drinking water is more and more important for human life.
120-1000 Barrel per hour 5Gallon filling machine

5gallon water project
120-1000 Barrel per hour 5Gallon filling machine

Automatic pull lid machine

Overall dimension:500*500*1750 Material:304 Stainless steel
Pulling head:1
Air consumption:0.05m3/Min
Production capacity:200 barrel/H
Run route switch:1piece SHANGHAI
Frame structure:38*38*1.2 Stainless steel
Sealing board:1.0thickness,304 Stainless steel
Pneumatic element:AIRTAC

Automatic inside brush

Material:304Stainless steel
Overall dimension:1200*650*2000
Brush head:3
brushing time:batch- linear style
Production capacity:120-200B/H
Pneumatic element:AIRTAC TAIWAN
Soda solution rinsing
Electromagnetic:1/2 AIRTAC
PLC:Mitsubishi JAPAN
Frame structure:38*38*1.2mm Stainless steel
Board :1.0mm thickness
5gallon water project
5gallon water project

Automatic outside brush

Material:304 Stainless steel
Overall dimension:1000*1000*1400
Motor power:0.75KW TAIZHOU of ZHEJIANG
Water pump:0.37 KW NANFANG brand
brush:united banister brush
5gallon water project

Automatic elevation barrel machine

Overall dimension:5000×600×700
Pneumatic element: AIRTEC TAIWAN
In order to reduce the friction on the battle bottom, adopting the engineering plastic for conveying the empty barrel
Gearing: HA’ ER BIN Bearing factory 206 2set
Frame structure: 38×38 304stainless steel can adjust the height
Motor:Non-grade speed regulation TAIZHOU of ZHEJIANG

Shrinking film

100degree steam Automatic controlling temperature
Overall dimension:1000X500X950
Automatic steam generator 1 set

Rinsing/ Filling / Pressure lid

capacity:120-200B/H Production capacity:120-200B/H
304 Stainless steel Material:304 Stainless steel
2mm Stainless steel Frame structure:75*45*1.2mm Stainless steel
Electrical consumption:4KW Electrical consumption:4KW
Pneumatic element :AIRTACT Pneumatic element :AIRTACT
PLC:Mitsubishi Japan PLC:Mitsubishi Japan
6sets NANFANG Hangzhou Pump: 6sets NANFANG Hangzhou
Handling lid motor: 140W Handling lid motor: 140W ZHEJIANG
Electrical element:DELIXI Electrical element:DELIXI
Overall dimension Overall dimension:4200*1000*1600mm
working position distribute working position distribute:
soda inner rinsing The first step:soda inner rinsing(9KW Electrical heating)
disinfection inner and outer rinsing The second and third step:disinfection inner and outer rinsing
recycle water inner rinsing The fourth and fifth step:recycle water inner rinsing
sterile water inner rinsing The sixth and seventh step:sterile water inner rinsing
drain water The eighth step:drain water
3piece Filling head:3piece
pressure lid part chain pressure pressure lid part chain pressure lid  Motor power:180W
5gallon water project

Lamp inspection

Inspection capacity:200B/H
Overall dimension:800*300*1200mm
Material:304Stainless steel
inspection lamp: PHILIPS

Output barrel conveying

conveying direction depends on user chose
Material:304 Stainless steel
Basic length:5M
Speed regulation motor:0.75KW TAIZHOU of ZHEJIANG
Conveying belt:191.5*38.3 engineering plastic
Overall dimension:5000*500*150mm
5gallon water project

400 BPH Line – Complete Automatic from A to Z

Working flow sheet:

5 gallon bottling production line function include:

Auto removing caps → Bottle outer washing → Auto bottle install → Auto washing filling capping (main machine) → Sealing → finished product (Auto working fully all position)

5gallon Drinking water production line (400BPH)

Name Photo Details:
Complete line Complete line Auto remove caps, bottle outer washing, auto install bottles to the main machine (washing bottle, filling water, capping), auto shrink the label film
Detail of Combination
Auto cap remover Auto cap remover

1) Make of stainless steel-304

2) Telepathy bottles and auto remove caps

3) Pneumatic working

Auto bottle outer washing machine Auto bottle outer washing machine

1) Make of stainless steel-304

2) Telepathy bottles

3) Washing bottles with brusher

Auto bottle install machine Auto bottle install machine

1) Make of stainless steel-304

2) Telepathy bottles

3) Pneumatic put bottles to the Washing Filling Capping Machine

Washing failing capping machine

(main machine)

Washing failing capping machine

1) Washing bottle with chemistry and pure water, filling water speediness and capping all right

2) High efficiency and working stabilization

3) Auto working by PLC-control

Shrinking machine Shrinking machine

1) Make of stainless steel-304

2) Steam shrink labels

Gallon Water Project
Name XG-100A (400BPH) Brand
Cylinder 63*450*1pcs Taiwan AirTAE
brand with CE marks
F.R.L. Combination BFC-3000*1 item
(Water and oil separator)
Electric appliances 1 series Taiwan brand
with CE marks
Programmable Logical FP1-14-AC*1 item Panasonic brand
made in china with CE
Controller(PLC) Expansion FP1-E8*1pcs
Temperature display OMRON 1pc  
Stainless steel pump

BLZ 370W*6pcs

Made in China,
Guangdong with CE marks
Cap ordering 90YYJ60-3   1:30*2 pcs Made in China Zhejiang with CE marks
Electric monitor  
Stainless steel
Electromagnetic Valve
ZCS-15L*2 pcs
Made in China,
Chongqing CE
Stainless Armor plate 304  
Pipe 304  
Power 6500W
(including heat generating pipe 2KW)
  2 lines 7 sections  
Working sections

1, 2, 3 washing position with detergent water inner flushing

4 position for dry bottles

5 & 6 washing positions with recycled pure water inner flushing

7 position with pure water inner flushing


GIECL Automatic Turnkey Bottled Water Project for Mineral Water Industry

5 Gallon Automatic High Speed Line

5 Gallon Automatic High Speed Line

Rotary 1000 jar per hour Fully Automatic 5 Gallon Brushing, Washing in and Out with Filling and Capping with Auto Loading and Discharge with Neck Shrink labeling

5 Gallon High Speed Machine

5 Gallon High Speed Machine
5 Gallon High Speed Machine

GIECL takes the complete turnkey project as per customer's requirement. GIECL has affiliation with related machinery manufacturers and have executed such projects nationally and internationally.

GIECL takes the complete project right from designing, engineering, manufacturing, erection and commissioning at site with trail production.
GIECL provides all technical supports for buildings and lay outs for projects.
GIECL supplies all equipments as required and are responsible for its installation.
GIECL supplies all components as per international standard and multinational manufacturer norm.
GIECL supplies all machineries with standard spares and consumables with supply and post monitoring of its uses.
GIECL turnkey project's key factor is its low production cost as it is working by optimizing efficiency.
GIECL also provides 24 hours online phone and physical service back up to its Customer having contract with UPS and DHL services for immediate supply.
GIECL believes in building strong and long term customer relationship.

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