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Water Softening Plant

Water Softener Plant Manufacturer

GIECL is an export-oriented manufacturing company of Water Softening Plant. GIECL is a leading brand in the field of Water Softeners. These water softening plants are based on the proven ion exchange process. The Water Softeners are simple in operation, highly efficient and compact units designed to produce soft water efficiently and economically. The Water Softening Plants are available in different sizes and materials, manually operated or fully Automatic, and ready to install. The Water Softening Plant is available as standard models or custom-built versions for specific needs. We are leading Water Softening Plant Manufacturer in Ahmedabad.

The Water Softeners are charged with a high capacity cation exchange resin in sodium form. When hard water passes through this resin column, the hardness forming calcium and magnesium salts are replaced with sodium salts which do not possess any hardness properties. This water softening process is continuous until the material is exhausted of sodium salts when it is regenerated with a solution of common salt.

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Water Softening Plant Manufacturer



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