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Sea Water Desalination Plant

97% of the world's water and 71% of the planet’s surface represent sea water. This huge volume of water is, however, unfit for human consumption because of the high level of impurities present in it.This sea water can be treated and made suitable for consumption after undergoing seawater desalination treatment.

At GIECL we provide an all-encompassing array of water treatment process and provisions along with seawater desalination technologies. The turnkey solutions we provide help in the optimal management of the water resources available to human kind.

GIECL provides the most reliable and economical Sea Water Plant Solutions. With the help of finest technology and advanced machinery, the TDS & hardness of the sea water is converted into permissible parameters. Our automated sea water purification plant is capable to desalinating huge volumes of sea water within limited amount of time and power consumption. Effectivelyfresh water is extracted from sea water and hence this water becomes fit for consumption.

Seawater Desalination Plant Manufacturers in India

seawater desalination plant has wide use in the industry of drinking water. The brackish water of the seas, have to be purified before they are bottled and packed. We ensure that we use the best quality raw materials in the production process. Our plants are also designed, keeping in mind the quality standards and norms. We also cater to customers customized needs time and again. As a widely appreciated seawater desalination plant manufacturers in India, we ensure that our production processes are compliant with the standards of safety and quality. We, at GIECL, boast years of experience and knowledge in desalination. We are one such seawater desalination plant manufacturer, who employs a various range of water treatment solutions and seawater desalination technologies.

seawater desalination plant
seawater desalination plant
seawater desalination plant
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