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Purified Water Generation System

GIECL leading manufacture for pharmaceutical water system. Each plant to produce purified water generation and distribution system is custom made, whatever its capacity. Every purified water generation and distribution system is designed for the customer as per its requirement and all the design parameters in minute details with the same passion and dedication towards building an effective, safe, and reliable purified water system. Each customer has a different purified water generation and distribution system requirement from a small scale to an international conglomerate. All Purified Water Generation Systems meet EP, USP Purified Water Generation Systems guidelines and ensure the production process, product quality and profitability. Our Purified Water Generation and Distribution System is pre-tested, validated, compact and ready-to-use, even easy to install.

Leading Manufacturer of Purified Water Generation System, Pure Water Generation System and Semi-Automatic & Fully Automatic Purified Water Generation System India
500 LPH Two Pass RO with Electrodeionization (EDI) System (hot water sanitization of purified water system)

Purified water is prepared by RO System and is collected in a water storage tank with the required capacity. At different points of use, a separate heat exchanger is provided to bring down the temperature of hot circulating water as and when the need arises. There is a back pressure valve in the return line, instruments and on/off valve are for controlling the system operation and water quality.

After all, each customer has a different purified water generation system requirement. So, each plant of purified water is custom made by GIECL, whatever its capacity. Every plant is produced by understanding customer specifications in detail and is manufactured with the dedication towards building an effective, safe, and reliable system for the nation. A small enterprise engaged in contract manufacturing has a need which differs from an international conglomerate. Thus, no plant is entirely like any other. Our all-Purified Water Generation System meets international guidelines and also ensures product quality and profitability. All Purified Water Generation System are pre-tested, validated, compact and ready-to-use.

Purified Water Generation System in UAE, Kenya, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Iran

Hot Water Sanitization RO System for WFI (Water for Injection)

Purified Water Generation & Pure Water Generation System

Purified water generating systems are used for a variety of purposes in pharmaceutical manufacturing. To produce Purified Water, it’s inevitable to remove organic substances, high and medium molecular weight ions and bacteria to a level that meet requirements. GIECL has built a market-leading reputation on designing Purified Water generating systems that work for you, irrespective of the desired grade, capacity, or application.

UV System for RO Plant

1000 LPH Two Pass RO System with EDI for Water for Injection

Salient Features

  • Complete Skid Mounted System
  • Automatic & Semi-Automatic
  • Orbital Welding with S.S. 316L Tubes
  • Lowest Footprint
  • 0.25 M3/Hr. to 25.0 M3/Hr.
  • PLC with HMI Technology
  • Lowest Reject Water
  • WHO, GMP, USP, WFI standards & EP, USP and Guidelines
  • Lowest OPEX and CPAEX
  • 24*7 Service backup
  • Validation document DQ, FAT, IQ, OQ and SOP
  • Turnkey Solution for Water Generation and Distribution

Our Purified Water Generation System may consist of:

  • Sodium hypochlorite dosing station for water disinfection and oxidation of organic substances, reducing the bacterial charge
  • Sodium metabisulphite dosing station for neutralization and chlorine 
  • Double filtration system to reduce solid substances in inlet waterbased on MMF, SOF, UF
  • Demineralized System
  • Hot Water Sanitization RO with Electrodeionization System
  • Single and Two Pass RO System
  • Continuous Electro-Deionizer
  • UV Disinfectant
Demineralization Water DM Plants in Swaziland, Uzbekistan, Mauritania
High Purity Water System
2000 LPH Purified Water Generation System
RO System for Pharmaceutical
10,000 LPH Two Pass RO system with Mix Bed for GMP, WHO and SCH M for Tablet, Liquid Product
2000 LPH Purified water generation system with DM
2000 LPH Purified water generation system with DM, Mix Bed and UF system for Low Conductivity Water
Ultra Pure Water Generation System

Whether your requirements are for a new Purified Water Generation System, Pure Water Generation System, or an upgrade of your current water system, please contact us. Our team of water experts will be glad to discuss your requirements and provide you with a suitable and workable solution for you.

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