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Purified Water Generation System

Pharmaceutics is a sensitive industry. Also, it is one of the oldest consumers of reclaimed water. Thus, undoubtedly, water is an essential component used in the pharmaceutical industry. Hence treating water before their use for pharmaceutical applications is a much-needed step so that high quality and pure water can be further utilized to produce tablets, syrups, injection and most importantly washing the tools and utensils used in pharmaceutical procedures. GIECL has designed special Reverse Osmosis systems for pharmaceutical industry with the goal of removing residual organic contaminants present in water.

GIECL follows a simple yet accurate process to achieve this goal. The water is first passed through the Reverse Osmosis Systems After passed second Pass Reverse osmosis System. After this it travels through the EDI / Mix Bed Unit which allows production of < 1.3ms/cm conductivity water. At last, the water being treated is passed through the UV Filtration system and is stored in the Closed Loop Tank to preserve it the way it is.

The complete Reverse Osmosis system uses FRP and stainless steel only with Pressure Gauges, Pressure Switches and Safety features incorporated with Electric control panel.

One of the key challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry is water reuse and water purification hence there is a need to set the scenario right. GIECL provides complete Solution for Water treatment as per the Tailor-made requirements. We understand that some industrial applications require very low saline content in the water. Our Reverse Osmosis systems are water treatment plants are designed to carry out all procedures accordingly.


RO System for Pharmaceutical

GIECL has supplied all the systems using following Product

FRP Vessel :- Pentair
R.O. Membrane :- Hydraunautics : - Made in USA
Pumping System :- Grundfoss
Pressure Vessel :- Pentair
Dosing System :- Grundfos
Piping and Fittings :- uPVC- Astral / S.S. – 316 – Rensa
EDI SYSTEM :- Ion Pure – Electro pure – Qua

Pure Water Generation System in UAE,Kenya,Nigeria,Sri Lanka,Iran

Pure Water Generation System Base on 1st Pass Chemical Sanitization RO System & 2nd Pass Hot Water Sanitization RO System with Hot Water Sanitization EDI System

RO System for Pharmaceutical in Egypt,Ghana,Israel

Distribution & Loop system

Reverse Osmosis Systems in Mozambique,Namibia,Palestine

Mix Bed Unit

U.V. System at Post treatment for POU

Pure Water Generation System in Swaziland,Uzbekistan,Mauritania

3.0 M3/Hr. RO System for feed DM & MB System

D.M. Plant with Mix Bed Unit for Pharma Industries

D.M. Plant with Mix Bed Unit for Pharma Industries

RO System

Ultra Pure Water Generation System

RO System for Pharmaceutical


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