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Vitamin Water and Juice Project

Our Vitamin Water and Juice Plants specialize in the production of vitamin water and fruit juices. We cater to large scale production of vitamin water and fruit juices such as orange juice, mango juice, pineapple juice and energy drinks as per the client's choice.

At GIECL,we follow supreme levels of quality and hygiene as far as our production procedures are concerned and we carefully infuse the beverages with the desired ingredients and flavors. According to the configuration proposal, the bottles are subjected to water rinsing, filling and capping using a 3 in 1 mono block using air conveyor. The bottles are then cleaned and rinsed using sanitizer and sterile water. Subsequently, they are filled with the product material and then conveyed to the downstream packing system using a conveyor after the capping process is complete.

Mineral Water Pouch Packing Machines

During downstream packing, the bottles are completely dried using an air-blow drier. Post this, the production date and mark are printed on the bottles followed by sleeve labelling and shrinking. After light inspection, the eligible bottles are packed into cartons or shrink film, then palletized and sent up to the inventory.

Ultra-high temperature processing (UHT) is most commonly used in fruit juices in which the product and the package are sterilized completely. UHT procedures are ideal for use in aseptic packaging systems and the same is used for Vitamin Water and Juice production processes in our manufacturing space.

Our powerful automated machineries equipped with high end features ensure the complete cycle of Vitamin Water and juice production to be efficient and smooth.

We envision becoming the global providers of healthy and pure Vitamin Water and juices.

Vitamin Water and Juice Project

Specialty Project Solution

Vitamin Water, Orange Juice, Mango Juice, Pineapple, and others as per client choice
Product: energy drinks
Filling speed: 4,000BPH (600ml)
Filling temperature: 88-92℃
Bottle material: PET
Bottle shape: Round
Bottle volume: 600ml
Bottle neck: 28 mm / 45 mm
Minimum/maximum diameter: unconfirmed (φ50~φ96mm)
Minimum/maximum height: unconfirmed (150~320mm)
Cap material: HDPE or PP
Weight: unconfirmed
Specification: with pre-screw thread
Color: unconfirmed
Environment temperature: unconfirmed
Humidity: unconfirmed
Power supply: unconfirmed

Descriptions and Specifications of Equipments

Fully-automatic Plate UHT Sterilizer Fully-automatic Plate UHT Sterilizer
Technical parameters
Model UHT-3
Suitable Material Energy drinks
Capacity 3,000L/H
Material Inlet Temperature 25℃
Sterilizing Temperature 95-137℃
Sterilizing Temperature Control Accuracy ±1℃

Air Conveyor

Air Conveyor Technical parameter
1) Model of fan: F-9
2) Q’ty of fans: one in every 6 meters
3) Power of fan: 2.2KW/Unit
4) Length of air conveyor: according to plant layout

RXGFD14-12-5 Rinsing-filling-capping Monoblock

RXGFD14-12-5 Rinsing-filling-capping Monoblock

Main features

1.Bottle infeed
Air conveyor is directly linked with feed-in starwheels, making it easier to change bottles without screws and conveyor chains. Equipped with pneumatic block bottle device.

2. Rinser


4. Filler


5. Capper


Technical parameters

Ø  Number of working positions: rinser 14, filler 12, capper 5
Ø Rated capacity: 5000BPH (500ml) subject to viscosity.
Ø Air supply pressure: 0.7MPa
Ø Air consumption: 0.8M3/min
Ø Rinsing water pressure: 0.2-0.25 MPa
Ø Consumption of rinsing water: 1 ton/hr.
Ø Way of filling: Pressure filling
Ø  Main motor power: 1.5 KW
Ø Installed power: 2.42 KW

Automatic Cap Elevator

Automatic Cap Elevator Technical parameter
  • Fan: 0.55KW
  • Vibrating motor: 60W
  • Dimension: 1200×700×1260mm (L×W×H)

Tilting Conveyor

Tilting Conveyor

Technical parameters
1. Rated capacity: 5,000BPH (500ml)
2. Conveying belt speed: 0~30m/min
3. Effective bottle side-down length: 6m

4. Showering & Cooling Tunnel

Showering & Cooling Tunnel
Technical parameters
  • Cooling capacity: 4,000BPH (600ml)
  • Effective cooling area: 6.2×1.2m2
  • Conveying belt speed: 0~1.2m/min
  • Cooling time is adjustable and main motor is controlled by inverter

Air Blow Dryer

Air Blow Dryer
Technical parameters
  • Model: CGH-01
  • Ventilator power: 5.5 kw for each
  • Air pressure: 40kPa
  • l Air speed: 100m/s
  • l Air flow volume: 2520M3/h
Bottle Conveying & Buffering System Bottle Conveying & Buffering System
Ink Jet Printer Ink Jet Printer
Automatic PE Film Shrink Wrapper Automatic PE Film Shrink Wrapper

Product Details

Adopting PLC programmable control and touch screen, easy operating and scouting accurately.
Next-case in feeding system, avoiding bottle absence and falling.
Structure in hot wind circulating  is adjustable.
Applying to different kinds of films.
Low consumption of electricity, especially in the shrink section.
Alarming when meet malfunction.
Technological Parameter

Machine dimension: 5150mm×2470mm×1940mm (L×W×H)
Casing size (max.): 400mm×300mm×400mm (L×W×H)
Sealing Length (max): 560mm
Horizontal Height of feed Conveyor: 900+50(mm)
Capacity: 10 cases/min
Power (max.): 26KW


Carton Roller Conveyor

Carton Roller Conveyor
Technical description

Way of working: No-pressure roller conveyor.
Material specification of machine frame: A3 sheet with spraying plastic of δ2.5


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