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High Purity Water Generation System & Distribution Loop System


High Purity Water Systems Manufacturers

The Electrode ionization (EDI) process is a continuous, chemical-free method that removes ionized and ionizable impurities from the feed water. EDI is most used to treat Reverse Osmosis (RO); permeate and replace Mixed Bed (MB) ion exchange; producing high purity water of up to 18 M Ω.cm. EDI eliminates the need to store and handle hazardous chemicals required for resin regeneration and the associated neutralization steps.

Pharmaceutical grade water system featuring hot water sanitization ability at 85°C. These stacks can produce high purity water quality up to 18 MΩcm using a patented process with double sets of electrodes per stack.  These stacks have widespread application in Pharmaceutical, Biomedical & Laboratories where hot water sanitization is required.

High Purity Water Systems Manufacturers

Electrode ionization (EDI) Systems Ultrapure Systems

Advantages OF EDI Systems:

  • low TOC value.
  • Cost effective.
  • Produces from 1 µS/cm high purity water to 18 MΩ cm ultra-pure water with very low levelsof silica & boron
  • Low bacterial count
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Easy to Operate
  • Capable of generating ultra-pure water without having to discharge chemicalladenregeneration waste streams
  • No down time as no regeneration is required
  • Standby units not required
  • Produces consistent and continuous desired water quality


High Purity Electrodeionization systems are used for a wide variety of applications including critical boiler make-up, microelectronics, and critical purity manufacturing. These systems are available in a range of capacities and can be furnished as containerized or skid-mounted systems.

  • Utilizes robust, leak free EDI component designs that are modular and scalable
  • No resin exchanges or hazardous chemicals
  • Continuous High Purity Water production
  • Simple operation and equipped with automatic monitoring and voltage control system
  • ​HMI - MODBUS – DCS direct connections available
  • Resin filled concentrate and dilute chambers for highest production quality at lowest power cost
  • ​Corrosion-proof wetted components
  • Typically>17 MΩ-cm product water; >99% Sodium and >95% Silica removal
  • ​Alternative module options designed for greywater, high hardness, and elevated silica applications
  • State of the art power supply:  Direct connection to line power, no isolation transformer required


GIECL provides standardized and customized ultra pure water generation system using proven membrane-based technologies, including ultra filtration (UF), reverse osmosis (RO), gas transfer membrane degasification, and continuous electro deionization. These ultrapure water system solutions meet the most stringent industry site-specific quality targets and are compact, even provide a continuous supply of high-quality water. Our ultrapure water generation system can be uniquely designed based on a range of circumstances including the basic characteristics of the available feed water, redundancy and the desired quality of the finished product. Our ultra pure water systems can produce ultrapure water for a range of applications, including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, or microelectronics production, as well as boiler makeup water for power plants or any industry producing steam.

WFI storage tanks with Distribution System

Purified Water Loop and Distribution System
High Purity Water Systems Manufacturers

WFI System

wfi generation system

Multi-Column Distillation Plants are designed to produce to IP/BP/EP/USP standard.

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