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Containerize brackish water plant (R.O.System)

Containerized brackish water purificationsystems are a futuristic solution for providing pure drinking water. What the large scale water treatment equipment do in an industrial setup, can now be replicated at a mini scale with GIECL's Containerized Brackish Water Plant RO.

The immense water purification power of RO is packed into this compact portable brackish water plant that works on the go. It comes equipped with fibre constructed R.O system with uPVC piping. The multi port valve is fitted with pressure sand filter and activated carbon filter with Grundfos pump supply. The plant consists of Auto Flushing system and vacuum Chlorine dosing system. All these ensure that the consumer gets the best mineral water no matter how bad the feed water might be.

Right from homes to hospitals, greenhouse agriculture, cooling plants and even army camps and mines, this compact RO equipment meets all water treatment requirements. Various treatment schemes are adopted during water purification based on the condition of source water and the climatic conditions. We are proud to say that our brackish water plants are able to support humanity by providing pure water in the most inhospitable conditions.

Containerise brackish water plant (R.O.System) FRP Constructed R.O.System with uPVC piping and Multiport valve having Pressure Sand Filter and Activated Carbon Filter with Grundfos Pump supply.
Containerise brackish water plant (R.O.System) The System consist with Auto Flushing System with vacuum Chlorine Dosing System for Drinking water Civil supply
Containerise brackish water plant (R.O.System) Same Plant installed in well furnished Container having Air Condition inside for Tropical condition.
Containerise brackish water plant (R.O.System)
Containerise brackish water plant (R.O.System)

Brackish Water system for 8,000 LPH

Brackish Water system for 8,000 LPH Specially Develop FRP vessel which can fit on Container for the 8,000 Liters/Hour Product outlet for Brackish Water Treatment
Brackish Water system for 8,000 LPH

Brackish Water system for 10,000 LPH

Brackish Water system for 10,000 LPH
Sources of Water   Giecl Treatment Schemes
Deep well water : Pretrement with R.O.System
Bore Holle Water : Pretreatment with R.O.System
Open Well Water : Chlorination, Pretreatment with R.O.System
River Water : Chlorination, Filtration and Ozonation (Option: R.O.System)
Lake Water : Chlorination, Filtration with U.V.& Ozonation
Sea Water/Sea Source : Chlorination, Filtration with De-Salination, R.O.System and Ozonation
Model No. Product Output Ltrs.(Gallon)/Hour Treatment Scheme Application
100 BW 100(26.41) MCF, HPP, R.O.System Mobile unit Home, Hospital, Drinking, Kidney Dialysis, Process
500 BW 500(132) MCF, HPP, R.O.System Drinking, Green House Agriculture, Kidney Dialysis
1000 BW 1000(264.17) PSF, ACF, ASD, MCF, HPP, R.O.System Drinking Water, Boiler, Cooling Tower, Electronic Ind
2000 BW 2000(528.34) PSF, ACF, ASD, MCF, HPP, R.O.System. U.V. System Beverages, Pharma, Textile, Industrial Application, Bottled Water, Soft Drink, Juice
5000 BW 5000(1320.86) Cl2, PSF, ACF, ASD, MCF, HPP, R.O.System Pharma, Textile, Industrial Application, Soft Drink, Paper
8000 BW 8000(2113.37) Cl2, PSF, ACF, ASD, MCF, HPP, R.O.System Power Generation, Cooling Tower, Sugar, Textile, Dyeing
10000 BW 10,000(2641.72) Cl2 ,PSF, ACF, ASD,MCF, HPP, R.O.System Power Generation, Effluent Re- Cycling, Sugar, Textile, Dyeing

RWP : Raw Water Pump Cl2 : Chlorine Dosing Ozone : Ozonation System
SOF : Softening Unit ASD : Anti Scalent ACF : Activated Carbon Filter
R.O. : Reverse Osm U.V. : Ultra Violet Hpp : High Pressure Pump
MCF : Micron Catridge PSF : Pressure Sand Filter Coagu : Coagulation

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